Email WhiteListing Guide

How to add us to your contacts, to make sure you don’t miss any important emails from us.

In Apple Mail:

Select either the ‘from’ part of the email, or ‘reply to’. Choose “add to contacts” or “add to VIPs”.

In Gmail:

On a desktop, drag and drop one of our emails to your “Primary” tab, and then confirm “yes” to add all future emails to the Primary Inbox.

On your phone: touch “show images” and then choose “always show images from sender” should also work.

In Outlook:

Most new emails come with a sentence near the top that says “parts of this message have been blocked for your safety” (usually, this means the email images don’t show). Select “always show content” to whitelist the email.

In Windows Live (formerly Hotmail)

You’ll probably see a message saying “some images in this message are not shown”. Just click “add to safe senders” underneath.

In Yahoo Mail:

Hover over the sender’s email address and click “add to contacts”. In mobile, add a star.

Hope that helps!